Why Research if I can Develop?!

Hello there! Alright, so it has been more than 3 months since my last blog, where I described how a CSE student’s life at IITR is being turned into a living hell by the system and professors. Sadly, the going has only got more challenging, with profs imposing more of their ingenious will on students. I recently had my ETEs, so I am brimming with academic frustration and will probably end up writing another blog, but that’s a topic for another day :P

Read more at: https://jitesh-j.medium.com/why-research-if-i-can-develop-c90bd3ce3540

Jitesh Jain
Jitesh Jain
Ph.D. Student

I am currently working on developing multimodal vision systems. I am always eager to explore more AI research fields. Reach out if you want to collaborate!