Riding the Noisy Research Track

Alright, people! This article will share my experience and learnings during the last eight months as an undergrad researcher. For those reading one of my blogs for the first time, I am a CSE undergrad (about to enter 3rd year) and am working as a Research Intern at SHI Lab @ UO and Picsart.

Now, before we dive in, let me clear it out that I have probably had a more intense research experience for better or worse than some of the other undergrad people at IITR. So, don’t make any judgments about research based on the content in this post 😛. So, we got that sorted out. Let’s begin!

Read more at: https://jitesh-j.medium.com/riding-the-noisy-research-track-4035e64e7ea8

Jitesh Jain
Jitesh Jain
Ph.D. Student

I am currently working on developing multimodal vision systems. I am always eager to explore more AI research fields. Reach out if you want to collaborate!