Ascending the Research Trail

In case you missed it, I shared my experience as a rookie undergrad researcher in a previous blog: Riding the Noisy Research Track. Since then, I have grown from a rookie researcher into a more mature beginner researcher with a better outlook on the bigger picture in research (thinking beyond publishing a paper) owing to my close collaboration with the SHI Labs in the last couple of years. I have had several realizations that I will be sharing through this article. A few of those to get your interest piqued are:

  • 🤔 I went from “Ph.D., Me? Nooooooo” to “I primarily applied to Ph.D. programs for grad school.” What changed?
  • 💭 Is publishing/releasing a paper a good “Why?” for research?
  • 📖 Is open-source in A.I. a boon or a bane?
  • 🎗 What is the importance of the advisor and collaborators?
  • ⚓️ How vital is the authenticity of research?

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Jitesh Jain
Jitesh Jain
Ph.D. Student

I am currently working on developing multimodal vision systems. I am always eager to explore more AI research fields. Reach out if you want to collaborate!